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  • Patti Sponsler

School for them, Camp for YOU!

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

While most of the kids in the 321 begin school again on Wed., adults have a great opportunity to challenge themselves this fall!! We are lucky to have four running camps kicking off this week and next for walkers and runners of all ages and abilities. Each offers personalized training schedules based on your abilities and there are also options in some for running-specific strength and yoga. If you’d like to become fitter, faster and make some cool new friends, check out these great venues (listed in alphabetical order). There is at least one that is perfect for you!


Great RunKamp crew posing with coaches Kara Springer (top left in yellow) and Rebecca Sparks (top right in yellow)

RunKlub Fall Training Camp

Coaches Rebecca Sparks and Kara Springer

Aug 17-Nov 23

Workouts central and north Brevard


Peak When it Counts campers are all smiles!

Peak When it Counts presented by Up & Running Fitness

Coaches Elizabeth Ring and Karen Hughes

August 9 – Oct. 25

Workouts south Brevard


Coach Barry Birdwell and his campers at the start line a week before the Space Coast Marathon and Half. Birdwell is asking them to imagine being surrounded by 7,000 other runners.

Coaches Barry and Michelle Birdwell

August 14 – Nov. 27

Workouts central and south Brevard


Space Coast Runners Training Camp participants say 'cheese'. (Updated photo of those who showed up on the first night of camp on Aug. 9. Registration is still open.

Coach Kaitlin Donner + pace leaders

August 9 – November 27

Workouts central and south Brevard


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