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ZOOM(a) Zoom(a)!

From left to right: Claudia Vargas, Ann Yarbrough, Yasmin Jarman, Nancy Foresteire and Carol Ball were five of the Space Coast Sole Sisters who attended the Zooma Amelia Island Half-Marathon, 12K and 5K October 14-16.

Never tell a woman she can’t.

In 1961, the Amateur Athletic Union banned females from competing in all U.S. road races.

Undeterred and fired up, women in that decade and the next punched back hard, proving the female anatomy could survive and thrive in both casual and competitive runs of all distances. (Hilarious abbreviated timeline of female running history).

These days, there are race management companies run by women, catering specifically to women. There are also female-only run groups such as our local Space Coast Sole Sisters, with a close to 500 membership of beautiful badasses.

At least a score of the Sisters sped to Amelia Island on the weekend of Oct. 14-16 for the Zooma event that offered the Lighthouse Loop 5K on Saturday evening followed by a 12K and Half-Marathon on Sunday morning. The race also offered special medals for those finishing the 5K and either the 12K or the Half.

Beautiful medals and a generous swag bag were enjoyed by the participants. The top medal above was for the Lighthouse Loop 5K, the middle for the Half-Marathon and the bottom was for the Sand Dollar Challenge which combined the 5K with either the 12K or the Half Marathon.

The miles were just part of a weekend that included camaraderie and shenanigans.

"Friday night they offered the Ambassadors VIP welcome party," said Palm Bay's Jodi Noe, an ambassador for Skirt Sports, the clothing company now owned by Zooma. “We were served extra heavy hors d’oeuvres and wine and were shown all the new Skirt Sport products, including four patterns made exclusively for Amelia.”

"On Saturday morning, we had yoga on the beach," continued the 62-year-old retired Air Force Master Sergeant. "It was amazing and I'm not even a yoga person."

While others rested their legs or went to the expo on Saturday, others, like Annette Pallowick - in an early 70th birthday celebration - covered some miles on someone else's feet, er, hooves. Cathy Chapman photo.

The mood was light for the family-friendly Lighthouse Loop 5K that kicked off at 5 p.m. Sat. evening. The trot to the lighthouse gave participants a chance to stretch their legs before the 6 p.m.pasta dinner and the events to come the following morning.

Sole Sisters Cathy Chapman, Ann Yarbrough, Julie Ferguson and Shannon Parks yuck in up during the Lighthouse Loop 5K.

Both the 12K and Half-Marathon courses meandered through quaint neighborhoods, old Florida landscapes and a few miles through the shady Fort Clinch tree-lined roads finishing with an ocean-view at Main Beach

The ladies enjoyed the post-race party that included mimosas in keepsake wine tumblers and muffins the size of VWs.

But most of all, they enjoyed being together, sharing their hearts and laughter along with the miles.

"I'm looking forward to our next Space Coast Sole Sister's destination race," said Pat Kisselbach, who took third in the 12K 70-70 age division. "I love being part of this group."

Several Sole Sisters celebrating the end of the 12K and Half Marathon. From left to right are Julie Ferguson, Ann Yarbrough, Jodi Noe and Debbie Windham, who at 68, set a half-marathon personal best. Cheers!

Huge Congrats to all of our 321 finishers including:


Rae Bartlett, 53, Titusville, 1:18:50; Arlene Allen-Buono, Melbourne, 72, 2:13:43; Cathy Chapman, 60, Melbourne, 1:50:25; Kelly Dellwo, 39, Indialantic, 1:23:09; Lucy Demario, Melbourne, 63, 2:13:43; Julie Ferguson, 51, Melbourne, 1:24:49; Beverly Glenn, 60, Cocoa, 1:28:49; Deborah Herman, 60-69, Rockledge, 1:51:44; Pat Kiesselbach, 73, Melbourne, 3rd 70-79, 1:37:35; Heather Loyd, 44, Titusville, 1:27:56; Lisa Montgomery, 60, Palm Bay, 1:31:31; Catherine Nichols, 62, Merritt Island, 1:31:30; Karon Pittman, 64, Titusville, 1:29:57; Rachel Sims, 35, Melbourne, 1st, 30-39, 1:00:04; Karen Suarez, 69, Melbourne, 1:38:45.

Half Marathon

Donna Andress, 50-59, Mims, 2:08:25; Carol Ball, 60-69, Merritt Island, 2:07:30; Ilse Berube, 50-59, Melbourne, 1:59:32; Elizabeth Espinosa, 30-39, Cocoa 2:20:06; Kristen Faust, 50-59, Cocoa, 2:15:26; Nancy Foresteire, 60-69, Rockledge, 2:17:34; Kelly Hunter, 50-59, Cocoa, 2:40:57; Daniele Hustoles, 40-49, Titusville, 1:54:17; Tini Jacobs, 40-49, Melbourne, 3:46:03; Yasmin Jarman, 60-69, Grant, 2:24:23; Rebeca Maitlen, 40-49, 2:42:46; Charis Meckley, 35, Indialantic, 3rd 30-39, 1:49:36; Heather Mitchell, 40-49, Titusville, 2:56:13; Nicole Nachreiner, 30-39, Titusville, 3:15:54; Jodi Noe, 60-69, 2:30:53; Annette Pallowick, 60-69, Indian Harbour Beach, 2:49:41; Shannon Parks, 50-59, Merritt Island, 2:58:50; Martha Ransom, 60-69, Mims, 2:19:57; Galyn Schenk,60, Melbourne, 2nd, 60-69, 1:52:07; Kim Tran, 50-59, Palm Bay, 2:45:52; Caryn Treder, 40+, Titusville, 3rd Masters, 1:41:12; Claudia Vargas, 50-59, Palm Bay, 2:24:23; Alison Vogelbacker, 50-50, Titusville, 2:11:05; Debbie Windham, 60-69, Palm Bay, PR, 2:32:56; Ann Yarbrough, 50-59, Melbourne, 2:26:48.

5K/Half Marathon

Elizabeth Espinosa, Cocoa, 30-39, 29:12, 2:20:06, 2:49:18; Kristen Faust, 50-59, Cocoa, 26:26, 2:15:26, 2:41:52; Kelly Hunter, 50-59, Cocoa, 30:44, 2:40:57, 3:11:41; Tini Jacobs, 40-49, Melbourne, 38:08, 3:46:03, 4:24:11; Charis Meckley, 30-39, Indialantic, 22:32, 1:49:36; 2:12:19; Annette Pallowick, 60-69, Indian Harbour Beach, 35:02, 2:49:41, 3:24:43; Shannon Parks, 50-59, Merritt Island, 42:37, 2:58:50, 3:41:27; Kim Tran, 50-59, Palm Bay, 35:54, 2:45:52, 3:21:46; Debbie Windham, 60-69, Palm Bay, 32:07, 2:32:56, 3:05:03.


Cathy Chapman, 60, Melbourne, 42:36, 1:45:05, 2:27:41; Julie Ferguson, 51, Melbourne, 35:05, 1:24:49, 1:59:54; Lisa Montgomery, 60, Palm Bay, 32:03, 1:31:31, 2:03:34; Catherine Nichols, 62, Merritt Island, 32:02, 1:31:30, 2:03:32.


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