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Moran Rocks Run the Rock

Melbourne’s Robin Moran takes in the beauty of the scenic yet challenging Top of the Rock six-miler on Sept. 10 in Ridgedale, MO.

In spite of not running for almost a month, Melbourne’s Robin Moran signed up for the six-mile Run the Rock race near Table Rock Lake in Missouri’s Ozark Mountains on Sept. 10.

“The race had been on my to do list for a few years,” said the 65-year-old Physical Therapy Assistant who is on contract assignment at Mercy Rehabilitation Hospital in Springfield, MO. “I had to do this race even if I ended up walking.”

The race website lets athletes know right up front that the course is not for beginners but “best for experienced runners” and “be prepared to run over several different surfaces including, but not limited to gravel, road, trail, wet rock, metal bridge(s), water and dirt.”

The course also offered a few steep climbs and drops, the likes of which those from the sunshine state rarely traverse.

In addition to the beauty, the Run the Rock course offered a few steep climbs and drops, the likes of which those from the sunshine state rarely traverse.

Moran was undeterred, however.

“I pushed all the way through and had a blast,” she said. “There were waterfalls, a cave, scenic overlooks, bridges and absolutely beautiful surroundings."

Moran beat all of her MO competitors in the 65-69 age group by more than a minute, taking the win in 59:31.

For the woman from Florida who had been willing to walk, her 65-69 age group victory was sweet.

She crossed the line in 59:31, beating out all the MO age group finishers by more than a minute.

“It was everything I had hoped for and more than I expected,” she said.

In her working travels, Moran takes advantage of everything her temporary hometowns can offer.

"When I was younger, I had so many choices and opportunities and I thought I had so much time to decide - so much that I ignored many opportunities," she said. "Now, as I am older, I think I grasp more readily the new opportunities as I've realized as I grow older I have less time to indulge in indecision."

"Every day becomes more precious as I realize I'm only given a specific amount of time and that I better not waste it."

An age group win for her and wise words for us.


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